The Canna Boss Babes are a collective of cannabis professionals who are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurship and creating opportunities for diversity to thrive within the industry. With a curated network of women and minority-owned businesses, The Canna Boss Babes provides a platform to foster growth and unite like-minded people. You dream it, let's do it! 


With the onset of COVID in early 2020 The Canna Boss Babes utilized Instagram Live to hear and share the stories that make up our cannabis community. Beginning with Ishqa The Boss Babe and Breezie Puffs and joined by babes all over the world and of all sexes. Together they provided education, entertainment, built relationships and an organic global following of 7200 babes.


Nearly 800 Lives were completed between March 16, 2020 and November 7, 2021 when Instagram deactivated the page. 


The show will continue in a new live audience format in early 2022. Don't worry babes, we will be back!

If you would like to learn more about being a sponsor, guest or attendee of a future live audience show we would love to hear from you!  We are beyond excited to connect in person the brands we love with the audience we can't wait to meet. 


Sometimes a Boss Babe needs a little individual support - be it  finding a reliable resource, guidance during a career or life transition or promoting and growing your business to the one of your dreams. Ishqa the Boss Babe has over 20 years of resources and experience to help you through!


Contact The Boss Babe today to see how she can help you! 


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Ishqa Hillman didn’t expect to go into cannabis but she was called to it. After nearly 20 years of achieving corporate success and helping businesses grow exponentially, her childhood trauma - filled with abuse, gangs, juvenile halls and homelessness was calling her back to help others like her heal. It didn’t happen overnight, in fact it wasn’t that long ago that Ishqa spent 4 years not leaving home except for work, due to social anxiety that had resulted from the unhealed trauma of her youth. Cannabis helped Ishqa find a little peace and eventually start to build more peace until she left her job September 2019 to help businesses grow and speak in juvenile halls. She had no idea she would be starting a whole other business just two months later – that business is The Canna Boss Babes.

The Canna Boss Babes is an entrepreneurial support platform created to support the women in the space who previously felt unheard, unsupported and unsure how to compete with the men in the space when so many resources appear to come from being a part of a “boy’s club”. We are not anti-men “everyone’s a babe!” we focus on creating safe space for all people to come together to share their stories, learn from each other and grow together. We believe in community and collaboration over competition. With a wide array of hosts and guests The Canna Boss Babes have completed over 600 lives since March 2020 and are growing faster than ever. 2021 will see new faces, new platforms, new services, new brands and so much more – The Canna Boss Babes have a large array of resources so if you dream it, let’s do it!

In addition to The Canna Boss Babes, Ishqa has used 2020 to co-found Long Beach Peer Education Community Center, a developing non-profit whose purpose is “Empowering Generations” by uniting businesses to neighborhoods though education and training and by providing system navigation, “everyday” education, and support groups. Recovery with Cannabis is the first of many groups we are proud to create safe space for.

Ishqa also works with The Social Impact Center from Los Angeles through which she has received PowerUp Meeting Facilitator certification and training to work with people currently and formerly incarcerated. This work came from her volunteer efforts with 2020 National Expungement Week’s clinics held throughout Los Angeles County where she received a certificate of recognition form the California State Assembly. Her passion for this work has led to her further organizing with N.E.W. in 2021.  Currently Ishqa works as a consultant with businesses both in and out of the cannabis space. 

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