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Welcome to The Canna Boss Babes LLC® - Entrepreneurial Support Network and platform best known for our podcast The Canna Boss Babes. The Canna Boss Babes LLC® are a collective of cannabis professionals who are dedicated to empowering entrepreneurship and creating opportunities for diversity to thrive within the industry. With a curated network of women and minority-owned businesses, The Canna Boss Babes LLC® provides a platform to foster growth and unite like-minded people. You dream it, let's do it! Not only do we offer a vast network but we also have a few marketing tools to help you along the way. Come see how we can help you grow your business through better process, culture, marketing and most of all mindset! 


Sometimes a Boss Babe needs a little individual support - be it  finding a reliable resource, guidance during a career or life transition or promoting and growing your business to the one of your dreams. Ishqa the Boss Babe has over 20 years of resources and experience to help you create a memorable brand with a growing client base and employees who are your biggest fans! 

At The Canna Boss Babes LLC®, we are dedicated to supporting individuals embarking on their entrepreneurial journey in the cannabis industry. Through personalized coaching and consultation services, we offer tailored guidance to navigate the challenges and complexities of this dynamic field. Whether you're aiming to refine your entrepreneurial approach, establish a solid business foundation, or enhance your marketing strategies, our consultations are designed to address your unique needs. We provide insights, advice, and actionable steps to foster growth, improve processes, and cultivate a thriving presence within the cannabis market.

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Brands, Businesses, Advocates, Artists and more TRULY representing our plant and its people while gaining over 10,000 impressions a year as a wall calendar.

But it’s more than that... This calendar is also a digital directory leading its users back to follow, engage and even SHOP from the brands represented within these 12 months.

Ready to maximize your marketing dollars this year?

Our Canna Boss Babes calendar isn't just about marking days; it's a vibrant celebration of empowerment, diversity, and social change within the cannabis community. Through captivating visuals and inspiring narratives, we spotlight the incredible stories of women (and men!)  shaping the industry.


More than a calendar, it's a platform amplifying voices, advocating for expungements, social equity, and LGBTQ rights. Join us in showcasing the true essence of Canna Boss Babes—where empowerment meets advocacy. Let's redefine perceptions and inspire a new generation of leaders together!



The Canna Boss Babes

The Canna Boss Babes

The Canna Boss Babes
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The Exotic Vine & superbad inc. at the Network Show Day Two

The Exotic Vine & superbad inc. at the Network Show Day Two

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Queen Mary, Flwr & Naughty Squirrel at the Network Show

Queen Mary, Flwr & Naughty Squirrel at the Network Show

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What Are You On The Verge Of?

What Are You On The Verge Of?

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With the onset of COVID in early 2020 The Canna Boss Babes LLC® utilized Instagram Live to hear and share the stories that make up our cannabis community. Beginning with Ishqa The Boss Babe and Breezie Puffs and joined by babes all over the world and of all sexes. Together they provided education, entertainment, built relationships and an organic global following of 7800 babes.


804 Lives were completed between March 16, 2020 and November 7, 2021 when Instagram deactivated the page. 

In early 2022 our founder and CEO continued hosting interviews with Let's Sesh on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11am pst on Instagram Live and in Summer 2023 the show began going on the road. We are so excited to now SHOW our followers what the world of The Canna Boss Babes really looks like. 

Be sure to check out out PODCAST page for the latest interviews from our amazing community! Can't join us live? Don't miss the replay and be sure to share - we are educating and sharing priceless information with each other. We are streaming on all major platforms - follow us on Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts,  iHeartRadioAnchor and Spotify to watch the videos! 


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