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Feature Your Brand!

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Are you interested in being featured each week on The Canna Boss Babes podcast?  The Canna Boss Babes podcast is back for its 3rd year of LIVE interviews beginning March 15, 2023. One major change is the move to LinkedIn for hosting the live interviews. Linkedin is known to be a more cannabis friendly platform where our guests’ stories can be heard by thinking professionals in all industries across the globe. We are proud to have built an audience of over 2500 already on the new platform and are confident it will grow just as quickly as the 8000 had on @thecannabossbabes prior to its removal by IG in 2021. 

We are also excited to have a new format for the show to allow for us to truly partner with a few brands who understand the importance of growing our community one story at a time. How much the testimony of one person can change your thinking and make you a believer and advocate. 

DID YOU KNOW? Everyone's a Babe and our demographics prove it! Our average following across all social media platforms is 60% female and 40% male. The age range we are most popular with is 25-34 (40%) 35-44 (34%) 45-54 (14%) and 18-24 (7%) We are most popular in the United States and Canada but have quite a following in Cameroon and India as well. This is especially exciting as we have a concerted effort to expand our global reach and education. Did you know cannabis was criminalized in India in the late 1890's? Anslinger was just a child! It is our hope that through the continued sharing of these stories’ others understanding of our plant, it's history, it's healing and its people will lead to better health for all. 


Share your business with the world with one of the affordable options below and enjoy a month (or a year) of weekly promotional content that celebrates diversity and encourages high engagement and brand loyalty.

Our Title Sponsorship Plan holds the most value and the most visibility as we feature your products or services across Instagram. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin as well as all podcast platforms. We look forward to creating custom campaigns to promote your business and see this as a strategic opportunity to grow together.


Our Feature Sponsorship Plan highlights your brand with each week's episode through a specially formulated question designed to promote your business. Your question is your opportunity to make an impact each week with listeners on all social media and podcast platforms. 

Our Showcase Sponsorship Plan is perfect for brands looking to align themselves with women and businesses that promote equity and equality throughout the cannabis industry and world as a whole. 

In addition to promotion on social media, each paid plan - monthly and annually come with additional benefits with The Canna Boss Babes such as monthly coaching with Ishqa The Boss Babe for any aspect of business you need help with, discounts on participating and attending events and more! Please see the plans below for more information and don't hesitate to contact us with questions.