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10 Practical Business Reasons to Guest on The Canna Boss Babes Podcast

Have you considered being a guest on The Canna Boss Babes? You should! In addition to Ishqa making sure every guest feels comfortable and shines their best - here are 10 Practical Business Reasons you need to share your story on The Canna Boss Babes Podcast

  1. Boost Your Brand Exposure: Reach thousands of engaged listeners on The Canna Boss Babes Podcast and elevate your brand's visibility to new heights.

  2. Establish Thought Leadership: Showcase your industry expertise and position your brand as a trusted authority by being a featured guest on The Canna Boss Babes Podcast.

  3. Connect with a Captivated Audience: Engage with a dedicated community of cannabis enthusiasts actively seeking valuable content and forge meaningful connections.

  4. Extend Your Reach: Maximize your content's lifespan as podcast episodes continue to generate exposure and attract new listeners long after the initial release.

  5. Enhance Brand Credibility: Gain instant credibility and build trust among your target audience by sharing your brand's story and insights on The Canna Boss Babes Podcast.

  6. Boost SEO Efforts: Expand your online presence and improve search engine rankings with podcast episodes that can be transcribed and repurposed into valuable written content.

  7. Tap into Networking Opportunities: Connect with influential guests and industry leaders, opening doors to potential collaborations, partnerships, and expanded networks.

  8. Leverage Multichannel Promotion: Repurpose podcast appearances into blog posts, social media snippets, and video content to amplify your brand's message across various platforms.

  9. Create Evergreen Marketing Assets: Being featured on The Canna Boss Babes Podcast becomes a lasting marketing asset that enhances your brand's reputation and can be showcased in various promotional materials.

  10. Ignite Brand Engagement: Interact with a passionate community of podcast listeners, sparking discussions, generating buzz, and fostering long-term brand loyalty.

What can you expect as a guest?

1. Dedicated Podcast Episode:

- A 30-60 minute episode solely focused on showcasing your brand and business.

- Interview-style format where we discuss your journey, products/services, and unique selling points.

2. Engaged Audience Exposure:

- Exposure to our growing Instagram following of over 5,500 passionate followers.

- The majority of our audience comprises 70% women and 30% men.

- Broad demographic reach: 38% are within the 25-34 age range, 33% are 35-44, and 14% are 45-54.

- Opportunity to connect with individuals interested in the cannabis industry.

3. Social Media Promotion:

- A dedicated Instagram post highlighting your brand, products/services, and a compelling call-to-action.

- The post will remain on our profile, providing ongoing visibility to our engaged audience.

- Captivating caption and appropriate tags to maximize visibility and engagement.

- Possibility for additional social media promotion on platforms like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook (if desired).

4. Inclusion in Podcast Show Notes:

- Your brand, website, and any relevant links will be included in the episode show notes.

- Listeners can easily access your website or follow you on social media for further engagement.

5. Cross-Promotion Opportunity:

- Optional cross-promotion on other social media platforms to maximize your exposure.

- Collaboration on special campaigns or initiatives that align with your brand's goals.

6. Discount Code or Exclusive Offer:

- Provide a discount code or exclusive offer for our listeners as an incentive to engage with your products/services.

- This helps drive potential customers to your business and creates a sense of exclusivity for our audience.

7. Extended Collaboration: Product Promotion on Social Media:

- An opportunity to extend the collaboration beyond the podcast episode.

- Showcase your products on our social media channels through visually engaging content.

- Generate excitement and visibility among our followers by featuring your products in captivating posts.

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