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#4 of 20 Best Women in Cannabis Podcasts

Updated: Aug 31

Big THANK YOU to FeedSpot for recognizing The Canna Boss Babes Podcast as one of the best podcasts to listen to in 2023! Best Women in Cannabis Podcast to be exact! I wasn't even aware of this amazing database of podcasts (you all know I fell into this accidentally) so it was quite the honor to be on the list - even more at #4! Big thank you to Amber from Cannabis Unearthed! So exciting for every one of us who made it!

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You can view the list in it's entirety here:

Here are the top Women in Cannabis Podcasts to Watch in 2023:

(links go to podcast pages on Spotify)

  1. Smokeshow Show

  2. The Wyldharts Podcast

  3. Broad World, The Podcast

  4. The Canna Boss Babes LIVE - PLEASE FOLLOW US!

  5. The Canna Queens

  6. Mother Stoner Podcast

  7. Stoner Chicks Podcast

  8. Better When Baked

  9. High Priority

  10. Feminized with Liz Grow

  11. The Wake+Bake Podcast

  12. Closet Disco Queen Pot-Cast

  13. Blooms and Buds Radio

  14. Black Women Who Blaze

  15. The Canna Mom Show

  16. Cannabis Unearthed

  17. Bodacious Women in Cannabis

  18. Work Sesh: Women in Cannabis Business

  19. Women Leading in Cannabis

Check out Feedspots full list here.

Of course I was curious how this list was made since I don't know them and it is not an industry created list and here is what I learned:

About Feedspot Lists and Ranking Updated Aug 2, 2023

Ranking is based on

  1. Expertise and Credibility

  2. Content Quality and Relevance

  3. Longevity and Consistency

  4. Audience Engagement

How is this list made? There are several ways we discover new podcast shows.

1. We have a research team who does extensive research on google and podcast search tools to discover new shows

2. Hosts/ podcasters submit their shows on FeedSpot using the form on this page.

3. FeedSpot has in-house media monitoring tools for discovering podcasters in several niche categories.

Our expert editorial team reviews each podcast show before adding it to a relevant category list. Podcasts that feature industry insights, news, and personal opinions rank higher than those that promote their own brand or products. We routinely remove inactive podcasts and those which are no longer relevant to the list. List is updated as we receive new podcast show submissions and re-ranked every few weeks. Following this extensive and rigorous methodology, we attempt to deliver a professionally curated selection of top-quality podcasts within the chosen category, providing our users with a great resource for discovering exceptional content in their areas of interest.

Pretty exciting stuff! While Instagram removed our page and most of our interviews in late 2021 I am proud to know we still have a library of valuable content and conversations on Spotify, Apple, Google and more. I'm guessing they found us through Twitter which just goes to show you don't always have to be fully engaged in a platform to have it work for you, but never ignore it!


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Still need more convincing? Check out this blog post.

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