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All You Ever Need - The Cake House Wildomar

Welcome to The Canna Boss Babes podcast where we interview canna boss babes around the world to see how plant medicine has changed their life for good and how they are helping others find healing too! The Cake House Wildomar has been one of my favorite and most frequented shops in the IE for over a year now. Their friendly staff, amazing selection of products and comfortable atmosphere make it easy to see why over 700 people visit them daily. Not only do they have the latest strains and hottest brands on the recreational market but they also ensure patients who need the plant medically have a selection of tinctures, balms and other products balanced with CBD and other cannabinoids.

Today's Budtender Recommendations:

Punch - Banana Ringz Tier 4 Fresh pressed rosin

Fog City - Lots of strains to choose from all around 40%

THC Ember Valley - Purple Churro is a Cinnamon Horchata X Apples&Bananas cross

Team Elite Genetics - Styrofoam Cup won the Gold Cup at High Times, premium eighths are less than $50

Khalifa Kush - Ok Wiz, you are officially worth the hype according to my new friend Anthony

Clade 9 - J1 will help you feel uplifted throughout the day

You can find Vista Cake House Dispensary at 32475 Clinton Keith Rd, Wildomar, CA 92595

Big THANK YOU to Cake House resident Boss Babe Brian McWilliams whose leadership is witnessed in the way each employee is excited to have the opportunity to serve. I love seeing big hearts serving big community in Wildomar.

You can find Cakehouse Wildomar on instagram

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