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Boss Babe Faves: Getting Chill Bong

My Favorite Everyday, Safe Everywhere Bong

I love ice cold water. I have been using a stainless steel tumbler and straw for years for this very reason. Smoking from icy cold water ensures a smooth hit. This is why as soon as my pink glitterbomb arrived I was in love... and over the course of a week I realized she truly was made for me through each spill, bang, and numerous other misadventures a glass bong simply can't survive.

My clumsiness was called a curse in childhood but I refuse to accept my fate is in anyway cursed so my daughter and I have reduced our status to "jinxed" and someday hope to walk through this world without running into doorways and off curbs unawares. If you or any of your loved ones are in any way clumsy this bong was truly made for them. Available in a variety of colors and designs (and custom prints for large orders) the Getting Chill Steel Pipe is also perfect for the Canna Boss Babe on the go! You will often find me at the beach or camping with my Getting Chill. It is perfect for those hot summer days that require extra insulation.

Here are a few examples of bongs you can choose and details from the website -

Ice Cold Hits For Hours

Chill’s patented double-wall vacuum insulated construction creates a shield that prevents heat from penetrating, keeping your ice solid & water cold for hours.

Designed To Evolve

Chill's two piece design and threaded connection makes it easier to clean. When you want to change up the look, you can choose from a variety of bases and neckpieces.

Modern Materials

Chill is made of stainless steel and designed to take life's bumps and bruises. Our patented ceramic interior makes the Chill experience similar to that of your favorite glass piece.

INSULATED - Patented Double-Wall Insulation Keeps Water Cold

  • STAINLESS STEEL - Food Grade Stainless Steel Construction

  • EASY ASSEMBLY - Threaded For Easy Access & Adding Accessories

  • CERAMIC INTERIOR - Patented Ceramic Interior That Hits & Cleans Like Glass

  • DOWNSTEM & BOWL - Aluminum Downstem & Borosilicate Glass Bowl

Another great bonus? This is a company that truly supports women and content creators in the cannabis community. Tyler Therapy aka Bad MuthaPuffa, Breezie Puffs and I have loved working with and are always happy to support Getting Chill. Want to find the Getting Chill made for you?

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