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Breaking the Stigma

Updated: Mar 1

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Breaking the Stigma: Racism, the Opioid Endemic, Lies, and Inviting Grandma to the Dispensary


"Charlena Berry literally wrote the book on .how to succeed in cannabis retail - and made sure to educate them. Covering The War on Drugs, racist policies and more, not only will you know why this plant and its industry are essential but Charlena also gives you strategies for success so you can survive in this industry" - Ishqa

FROM AMAZON - Are you a dispensary who is looking to increase your sales? Are you a budtender who is looking to advance your career? Are you looking to open a cannabis store in your state? If so, Breaking the Stigma is the book for you! As a cannabis retailer, you face the same challenges as every business today, but there are more obstacles for you than the local brick-and-mortar shops or dominating online stores.
Being successful means creating a customer experience fueled by a thorough understanding of the consumer. For retailers in the still newly forming cannabis industry, this knowledge only comes from breaking through barriers of a deeply ingrained stigma—one with catastrophic consequences.
In Breaking the Stigma, Fortune 500 business executive Charlena Berry provides a framework for becoming a prosperous cannabis retailer, showing you how to overcome your product’s negative connotations and impart vital, need-to-know truths about your industry. With first-hand experience with the devastating opioid endemic, Charlena’s fight for cannabis’s legitimacy is a personal one. She shares decades of business insight to show you how to gain market share using traditional retail strategies to improve the customer experience and ultimately gain profitability. Insure your business and product sustainability and be part of the solution to society’s deadliest problem with this emotionally driven, fact-based strategy for long-term success.
• Explains how cannabis, CBD, and other plants can increase pleasure and intimacy • Includes how-tos on everything from dirty talk to erotic massage • Features neon inks, psychedelic art, bold photography, and infographics

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