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The Canna Boss Babes Third Year Live!

It was 3 years ago today I went live to keep connecting women (and men!) in the cannabis community worldwide. After nearly 1000 stories shared I present to you a new format (which will continue to evolve and grow) and a new hosting platform on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is where the conversations occur that lead to legislative change, change in operations, change in industry. Please join me on LinkedIn Live or catch our replay on Spotify and in audio on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio and all major podcast platforms - or

My first guest this year is the woman with whom it all began - my cannabis mentor, best friend and non-profit partner Pam Chotiswatdi.

Pam is the Director Of Community Education and Executive Administration and Director Of Community Education and Executive Administration with The Long Beach Collective Association (The LBCA) where her work advocates for policy change, safe access, patient rights, equity, and education; as well as develops cannabis curriculum at LBCC and engages the cannabis community. She also supports cannabis education at Long Beach Green Room for the retail team and the community at large.

Outside cannabis, Pam co-founded and is the CEO/Community Organizer for a 501(c)3 community-based organization, Peer Education Community Center that focuses on peer-to-peer education and support groups, systemic navigation, industry and community connections, alternative wellness clinics, and harm reduction spaces advocating for community-led programs, social justice, and systemic and social change. PECC collaborates with Project Dignity, which has brought resources, showers/laundry, connections to services, and awareness to people experiencing homelessness at MacArthur Park in Long Beach since February 2022.

She has received community recognition in 2018 from Long Beach District 2; in 2019 from Long Beach District 1 and District 6; in 2020 from California 46th Assembly District; and in 2022 from AOC7 and 33rd Senate District and Woman of Distinction from Assembly District 70. Pam currently resides with her partner of 15 years in the Zaferia District in Long Beach where she is an active community member.

Pam has been using her compassion and stellar organizing skills to provide dignity to Long Beach's houseless neighbors in a collaborative effort called Project Dignity. Project Dignity began on February 14, 2022, as a way to build a sense of community between housed and unhoused community members by sharing food, resources, and community conversations.

Since our first “Mondays Matter”, where we served cookies, coffee, and hot chocolate to a small handful of unhoused neighbors at McArthur Park in Central Long Beach, California, we collaborated on resources and supplies. Over the past year, our efforts have become a reliant source of mutual aid, connections to city-led resources, system navigation, and neighbor-to-neighbor connections with community volunteers who also simply listen.

Project Dignity efforts created collaborations between neighborhood associations, community organizations, faith-based groups, and the government to bring dignity to neighbors experiencing homelessness. While we are aware that these efforts are "band-aids" where a tourniquet is needed, it is better to make connections and bring dignity and hope while we advocate for a city-wide or regional Strategic Master Plan for Homelessness.


  • Bodywipes

  • Underwear

  • Deodorant

  • Toothpaste/toothbrush

  • Dog food

  • Socks Fem hygiene

  • Bras / sportsbras

  • Commercial kitchen to make lunches

  • Lunch donations

WE HAVE SERVICES - In addition to Project Dignity, PECC provides working services that are tax deductible. Do you need Marketing Strategy Support? Social Media? Web Design? or more? Let us know how we can help you! Sliding scale for Equity Applicants and other 501c3's.

Peer Education Community Center (PECC) is a working 501(c)3 community-based nonprofit, dedicated to uplifting our Long Beach neighbors. We are focused on providing life-skills through peer-to-peer education & support groups, resources in systemic navigation, industry & community connections, and a goal to create a space for alternative wellness. PECC also prioritizes harm reduction education. As part of our mission toward collective grassroots organizing, we advocate for community-led programs, social justice, and systemic & social change.

Volunteer, Donate or Learn more at

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