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What Are You On The Verge Of?

Stacia Sterling is a single mom of 10 children, 6 who live at home and 7 who were adopted. This little woman with a big heart knows what it is like to be a child in need of love and care. As a child Stacia was severely neglected and the years of malnutrition led her to being diagnosed early with immunocompromisation. This neglect changed her life in many ways but two would leave the biggest mark.

First, her heart - the love she has for children others are unable to care for properly. Without question this woman makes them her own. Secondly, her body fights itself… an exhausting daily war of trying to get her body to absorb nutrients, her Crohn’s disease leaves her feeling debilitated and while the CBD she has been able to obtain from working in the industry provided some relief nothing has come close to the liquid gold that Try Verge has been for her.

Stacia now has the functionality she needs to take care of her tiny humans. The instant absorption of the liquid Try Verge vials begin to provide her relief within 5 minutes and within 15 minutes she is able to get up and go. After just 3 months of taking Try Verge on a daily basis Stacia’s primary care physician wants her to get a second round of ct scans and other testing to better understand the unbelievable progress she is making medically.

Stacia calls Try Verge ambrosia. The results she has seen extend beyond the reduction of inflammation, pain, and reversal of Crohn’s symptoms. She has regained 10 of the 30 pounds she lost before trying Verge. It allows her to be the best version of herself and the best mom to her kids. She speaks of being able to respond and not react - we can all relate to that.

Stacia has also replaced her adderall with Try Verge… and she isn’t the only one. More on that to come.

Join me as I learn more about Try Verge and all the ways this CBD-V product appears to be helping people directly from the owners Jory Wolf and Matt Bucciero. I am excited for you to learn the story of Try Verge, their passion for helping others, and what exactly a “varin botanical” is. Whether you prefer water soluble shots that provide instant absorption or hemp seed oil encased gelcaps the overall effect and results are amazing and I can’t wait for you Babes to see how it helps you be a better you.

ENJOY 10% OFF WITH CODE CBB at and tune in next week as we learn more about the benefits of Try Verge on ADHD and how it’s origins are all in the name of love.

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