Celebrating Black Cannabis - THE FUTURE

Celebrating Black Cannabis - THE FUTURE


People of color have been more negatively impacted by the criminalization of cannabis than anyone else, yet the relationship with the plant has always been strong. Now, more than ever we are focused on creating social equity and crying out for restorative justice, but what does that mean and how can our cannabis purchases support those efforts when we don't know who is behind the packaging and THC levels?


It's time to empower the consumer to make more conscious decisions by raising their awareness to the black-owned brands in the Southern California Market. We are bringing these brands together in a carefully curated box and by sharing their stories and message over a month of social media interviews and finally culminating in an event with industry leaders and advocates who will share how we can move forward with intention and purpose.


It's not enough to talk about what was and is, we have to be ready to move forward with purpose and intention. We can continue supporting black cannabis through policy, business endeavors, investments, and in our communities.


SPEAK at the livestream event featuring industry leaders, black owned cannabis brands, and more to be streamed live on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. A digital copy will be provided. PLUS -

  • Press Release Mention
  • Social Media share and cross promotion on multiple platforms
  • Product placement during live stream
  • Signage during livestream
  • Percentage of ticket sales from your own affiliate link