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Need a little help making the right connections? Feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed and not sure how to move forward? Or are you at an integral phase of growth in your business and need help figuring out how to keep growing? The Boss Babe has years of experience helping others find and live their purpose. Reach out today to see how she can help you. 

  • Available Online

    ONE SHOT - Access to the right people makes all the difference!

    30 min

    Let's Talk
  • Available Online

    Build Your Brand, Your Audience & Authority!

    1 hr

    Let's Talk!
  • Available Online

    Get a quick run through on how to utilize LinkedIn to your advantage!

    20 min

    50 US dollars
  • Available Online

    Get clarity on how to utilize LinkedIn to your advantage!

    1 hr

    150 US dollars
  • Available Online

    Ongoing, regular support to help you achieve your dreams!

    1 hr

    200 US dollars


Every owner can get stuck working in the business and not have enough time to work on the business. The Canna Boss Babes are here to support entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes find actionable and sustainable steps to grow your business. The services below are just a few ways we can help you. Please feel free to reach out for additional support or guidance. 


"Working with Ishqa has been such a pleasure, she awesome at building relationship and nurturing them to create long lasting effects. Her organization skills are beyond anyone I have ever seen, we have created multiple events together and she is complimentary to my skills set while helping me grow in all areas. If your looking for a brand partner or cannabis consultant I highly recommend her to get the job done in a efficient effect prompt manner. Thank you for all you do."


"I met Ishqa through the LBCA and quickly hit it off! I became her first client in the cannabis industry when I needed help taking my Instagram to the next level, a money- making business!  She helped me create a business plan, get organized and launch my own website for and helped me throw an  event to celebrate that turned out to be everything i wanted and more! Ishqa is strategic, thoughtful and knowledgeable and can help you with whatever you need whether it be personal or professional, she's always wanting to see you grow to be the best version of your self!"


"The Canna Boss Babes is more than a networking group for likeminded Cannabis women and advocates, it’s a community of empowered people who love to learn, better our environment, enhance our skills and enjoy the spirit of the plant we all care about, together. Ishqa embodies all of this and brings her charismatic personality and the gift of wanting to share the wealth of knowledge and experience she carries with her. "


"Ishqa and the canna boss babes are real and genuine. They choose truth of hype and flash. They are ego-friendly good humans. They understand true grassroots-organic cannabis. The CBB brings the power of culture and community support on your side."


"Ishqa is amazing! The Canna Boss Babes truly feels like a community for ALL babes and I am so lucky to have them on my side and helping me with whatever I need! Their network alone is amazing and no matter what services you are looking for to take your business to the next step Ishqa always can either help you or recommend you to the right person! I highly recommend them!”


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