Need a little help making the right connections? Feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed and not sure how to move forward? Or are you at an integral phase of growth in your business and need help figuring out how to keep growing? The Boss Babe has years of experience helping others find and live their purpose. Reach out today to see how she can help you. 

  • ONE SHOT - Access to the right people makes all the difference!

    1 hr

    250 US dollars
  • Ongoing, regular support to help you achieve your dreams!

    1 hr

  • Grow your business & get results!

    2 hr

    300 US dollars


Weekly, biweekly or monthly check ins can make a world of difference in how you approach the following week(s) or month. Make sure you stay on track and in the right mindset to achieve your goals. Accountability, Inspiration and always a little "homework" to help you live the life you always imagined. 


Every owner can get stuck working in the business and not have enough time to work on the business. The Canna Boss Babes are here to support entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes find actionable and sustainable steps to grow your business. The services below are just a few ways we can help you. Please feel free to reach out for additional support or guidance.