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Keeping our community connected through shared stories of courage and compassion, our guests are leaders, influencers, entrepreneurs, advocates, educators and everyday people who all have found healing through cannabis. Come! Share your story and build your community with The Canna Boss Babes!

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Connecting our cannabis community with the stories behind the brands, leaders,  entrepreneurs, advocates, educators, influencers and everyday people.


Share your story and build your community with The Canna Boss Babes LIVE on Instagram Monday - Friday at 9am PST and saved to IGTV so you don't miss a thing! 

  • MONDAY - Join the Hostess with the Mostest @breeziepuffs⁠ as she celebrates the start of a new week each Monday morning. There is nothing like a Wake n' Bake to start your week off right!

  • TUESDAY - It's not all fun and games, we know there is much more to learn about plant medicine and there is no one better than Host @the_kush_lady to ensure you 

  • WEDNESDAY - Let's crush on women and weed - after all the plant is female! What's a hump day without both? 

  • THURSDAY - Join host @kurolotuzyoga⁠ as she shares the benefits of yoga, crystal energy and a Smoke and Stretch to start your day.

  • FRIDAY - Deep dive into the industries sung and unsugn heroes with the "Oprah of Cannabis" and the Boss Babe herself @ishqathebossbabe


The Canna Boss Babes Live Audience show is coming to Cannabis Capitol. Come and meet the babes, our amazing guests, try the latests products from our favorite brands and leave with a new connection to our ever growing cannabis community. 


Cannabis Capitol is the community's informational hub and is committed to an innovative approach that connects every aspect of the industry. Located just south of Long Beach this professional production studio is the home of High Jinx with Adam Ill and Angela Mazzanti, Comedy Night hosted by Adam the Comedian and Jonesy, Slink Johnson's Pimps N Kinfolk and much more!