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Babes in the Bay 4 - in Long Beach!
Babes in the Bay 4 - in Long Beach!
Aug 09, 2024, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Long Beach, CA, USA



At The Canna Boss Babes, we're passionate about making a positive impact. When we support businesses that empower Women, BIPOC, Veterans, and LGBTQIA+ communities, we're not just helping them – we're supporting ourselves too! By championing these businesses, we're fostering equality and inclusivity in the marketplace.


  1. Promoting Equality: We believe in a level playing field for all businesses, regardless of their background or ownership. By supporting diverse businesses, we contribute to a fairer business environment for everyone.

  2. Empowering Marginalized Communities: When we back businesses owned by women, people of color, veterans, and LGBTQIA+ individuals, we empower these communities economically, creating opportunities for growth and success.

  3. Inspiring Innovation: Diverse businesses bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. Our support encourages a vibrant marketplace with a wide range of creative products and services.

  4. Building Stronger Communities: Thriving businesses strengthen local economies. By supporting these businesses, we play a role in building prosperous communities where everyone benefits.

  5. Expanding Our Network: Engaging with diverse businesses broadens our network, connecting us with professionals from various backgrounds. This diverse network opens doors to new collaborations and opportunities.

  6. Cultivating a Positive Reputation: Our commitment to supporting inclusive businesses reflects our dedication to social responsibility. It enhances our reputation and showcases our ethical business practices.

  7. Promoting Cultural Awareness: Interacting with businesses from different cultures fosters cultural understanding. We believe in creating a society that values diversity and promotes tolerance.


Join us in this collective effort to create a more equitable and inclusive business landscape. Together, we can make a difference and build a future where everyone has an opportunity to succeed.



Looking for a little extra promotional boost? We've got you covered! We provide promotional support for other industry events, and we're always excited to help brands and events connect with their ideal audience. Whether it's through sponsorship or tailored promotional events, we're here to make it happen. Reach out to us using the contact form below, and let's get yournext event in the spotlight where it belongs! 

Below are some past events we have partnered with or planned - 

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